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Aboard Queen Elizabeth 2
Bank Holiday Celebration Cruise
23 - 26 Aug 2003

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[15 Photos in each Section]
Also:- Port of Call

QE2 logoCrown on flagstaff

My Cunard Heritage Trail
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Ext view thumb

Exterior Views of QE2

Deck view thumb

About Deck - Mainly the Sports Areas

Deck view thumb

About Deck in the evening, at night and early morning

Int 1 thumb

Interior Views Part I - Sun Deck & Boat Deck

Int 2 thumb

Interior Views Part II - Upper Deck

Int 3 thumb

Interior Views Part III - Upper Deck & Quarter Deck

Queens Room thumbnail

Interior Views Part IV - Quarter Deck, One Deck & Two Deck

 2 & 3 thumbnail

Interior Views Part V - Two Deck, Three Deck & Royal Promenade

Model 1 thumb

Ship Models aboard QE2 Part I - Russia 1867, Britannia 1840 [2 models], Asia 1850, Aquitania 1914

Model 2 thumb

Ship Models aboard QE2 Part II - Mauretania 1907, QE2 1969, Queen Mary 1936

Cabin thumbnail

Our Cabin - 2032 {M3], Two Deck Hallways, Indoor Pool & Gym

QE2 outlineA Plan showing the public areas on QE2 is here


Port of Call

Guernsey thumbnail


Guernsey Maritime Museum thumbnail

Guernsey Maritime Museum

Adonia thumb

P&O's Adonia off Guernsey

Southampton thumbnail

Misc Photos - Other Ships & Ferries seen in Southampton

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